OPEN LETTER: Vote Yes on the 80 Watt District- PBID

Across the State of California, years of declining business retention, state and local government revenues have created difficult decisions for businesses to meet the needs of citizens and the infrastructure on which they depend.  The elimination of Redevelopment Agencies within the local government have stripped cities of the instrument for improving blighted areas and revitalizing struggling neighborhoods.  Fortunately, there are other ways for communities to bootstrap their own vitality, one is the 80 Watt District- PBID, in North Highlands, CA.

A ‘Property Business Improvement District’ (PBID), creates the opportunity for all property owners within a defined area to band together to maintain and improve our community’s quality of life, and the quality of business. Individual districts determine the types and levels of service that will be provided, and the approval of those plans is subject to the State laws that govern proportionate benefits and contributions.

Within the 4 1/2 years that this business community has participated in charting the direction for the 80 Watt District- PBID, which was established in 2016 and will be renewed in 2020.  Showcasing a decline in crime of 41%, Property Values increased, Lease rates show an increase of $.07 cents, lighting, cleanliness, security, branding is all part of the new vitality of the area.

Our intention has been clear – the PBID should provide a clean, secure, and vibrant environment. The services desired – such as 24/7 safety patrols, landscaping, celebratory events, and business attraction programs – will be continued under the PBID renewal, if a YES vote is obtained by all property owners.

Proven as a self-empowering community improvement mechanism, there are over 1000 PBID’s within California now,  transforming the proportionate contributions of all property owners within their respective areas into the programs and services articulated by their unique communities. In each of these areas, public administrators, law enforcement, and commercial interests are working collaboratively to better their communities and neighborhoods.  PBID’s are being introduced on ‘North Watt’ (from A Street to Antelope Road), and on the ‘Antelope Curve,’ which is Roseville Road.

Now in place for almost 5 years, the 80 Watt District- PBID has diligently provided resources to enhance the community. It has facilitated our safe, clean, energetic and prosperous business community. However, it is only through this PBID renewal, that the enhanced programs and services the businesses within the boundaries have come to expect…will be able to continue.

The final phase of the renewal process has begun with all property owners receiving a ballot, and we urge a YES vote to protect the future of the business community.   Each property owner’s contribution, leveraged with thousands of others, is essential to the well-being of our ever-evolving area. Now is the time to stand together again and support our District- Vote YES.


Rebekah Evans, Executive Director  EMAIL: [email protected]

Jim MacLaughlin, 80Watt District Board Chairman

LINK to Renewal Information: CLICK HERE