Oct, 18
Watt’s Happening in the 80 Watt District

Jim Ernst 2018 NewsFlash for October 2018 CLICK HERE With the sad news that Corporal Jim Ernst, of Paladin Security, passed on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, we wanted to pause and celebrate him!  The nearest thing to immortality that any of us can hope to achieve is to… Read More

Aug, 21
ALERT-80 Watt District Partner Update

Our Codependent Relationship Is Showing! As a PBID, (Property Business Improvement District), Property Owners, Corporations and Small Business in the 80 Watt District, provide us with  with financial support through the assessment of property taxes. In return, the PBID provides you with Security, Maintenance, Beautification projects, positive PR & Advocacy and ultimately a boost… Read More

Aug, 10
Homegrown Heroes- Comstock Magazine

It’s exciting to showcase the 80 Watt District – PBID (Property Business Improvement District) in the August 2018 article on PBID’s; called Homegrown Heroes.  In the 80 Watt District, the heroes come in all shapes and sizes from the business owners, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, the Board of… Read More

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