2020 RENEWAL for the 80 Watt District -PBID in full swing!

July 5, 2019

July NEWSFLASH!  Renewal 2020- Get on Board!

Exciting times are happening in the 80 Watt District!  The 2020 PBID (Property Business Improvement District) RENEWAL is starting!  With that there are several exciting events to participate in….. call 916-495-5599 or email: [email protected] today!

  1. Business Walks: Volunteer to meet with our businesses and connect through July-August-September!    We need you to help -with our ‘one on one’ meetings, as we share our accomplishments and more with every business and Property Owner in the District!
  2. Business Builder Events:  Come, enjoy breakfast (Coffee & Waffles?)  and learn about the 2020 Renewal, learn from experts on business or our ‘Hot August Nights (Wine/Beer/Food)  event with networking and more.
  3. Committee Connection: Join our teams that want to make the 80 Watt District even better for business!  Marketing, Advocacy, Security Task Force, Maintenance Initiatives, Capital Improvements, and Renewal Steering Committee or serve on the ‘Board of Directors!’  Send in your resume and application today!

Watch for our ‘signs in the windows!’