77.36% Approval of Renewal on the 80 Watt District-PBID

September 14, 2020

Today…we CELEBRATE the Renewal of our PBID!! We ended up with 77.36% Ballots with an APPROVAL for another 10 years!  YAHOO!!! #improvementdistrict #80WattDistrict #wattshappening #sacramento #smallbusiness #PBID #approved



YES To 10 More Years While Working Through Pandemic

80 Watt District-PBID Announces Renewal Petition Success




North Highlands, CA–   August 21, 2020 

In 2015, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved the creation of the Watt Avenue Property & Business Improvement DistrictPBID ), as a unified group of property owners who agreed to assess themselves in order to enhance and improve the business climate, amenities, aesthetics, and  the overall value of the businesses within the boundaries, called the 80 Watt District.

Due to the 4 ½ years of overwhelming success, the 80 Watt District- PBID, Renewal Steering Committee, was formed  in July 2019 and began the outreach program, issuing ballots to the 134+ property owners in an effort to renew the PBID for ten years and continue the partnership with the County of Sacramento-through 2031.

Unfortunately, in the middle of February 2020, a pandemic hits the entire United States.  COVID-19 made its way into California, creating abnormal business circumstances, which has led to increased anxiety and frustration for the actual survival of individuals, local and corporate business.  With that, add rioting and unrest within all communities of the United States for ‘Black Lives Matter,’ homeless camps on every corner, fires, locusts, blood red moons and so forth.

Shockingly, instead of stopping the forward movement of the ballot drive, it increased the momentum, as the individual property owners have acknowledged the success of the PBID and the need for continued Security Initiatives, Maintenance & Beautification programs, Business Advocacy and Marketing for the local business community.   As of, August 15, 2020 the Property Owners have voted YES to continue the mission of the PBID, (which would be concluded on December 31, 2020,) bringing in a final ballot count of 77.29% in favor of continuing our strong voice in business support and the advocation for important matters such as business continuity efforts.  This renewal also brings a small expansion into the boundaries, thus bringing in new business opportunities and support for other locations. “The difference from 4 years ago is substantial and noticeable in all areas, due to the hard work the PBID does for the local business and properties.,’ Jim MacLaughlin, Owner of Longview Storage

Here are three examples of achievements: (2019):

  • Crime has dropped by more than 45% since 2015
  • Lease rates have risen over $0.07/square foot
  • Vacancy rates have dropped from 12% to 4%


The benefit (for the next ten years) to the local property and business community is over $6.5 million in services, used to support the properties and businesses within the boundaries. This ten-year commitment on behalf of 80 Watt District PBID property owners will provide the opportunity to undertake the important long-term improvements to the business area, including C.P.T.E.D. upgrades, Walk/Bike paths to business, community gardens, place-making areas, career/job connections and more. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of a global crisis like the coronavirus pandemic – but it can help to look at the progress that is being made right here in the 80 Watt District and remember we are in this together and continue to work on behalf of business daily!’ -Rebekah Evans, Executive Director


Contact info:
Rebekah Evans, Executive Director 
80 Watt District
4636 Watt Avenue, North Highlands, California 95660
Phone: 916-495-5599   Website: www.80WattDistrict.com

Email: [email protected]

PBIDs are a time-tested tool for property owners who wish to come together and obtain collective services which benefit their properties.  The 80 Watt District-PBID provides supplemental services in addition to those provided by local government. We have started to finance physical and capital improvements which are concentrated within our boundaries and are funded by the special parcel assessment. Services and improvements are only provided to those who pay the assessment.  The 80 Watt District is a nonprofit that implements services and provides day-to-day oversight such as 24/7 Security, Maintenance & Beautification projects, Advocacy and Marketing for local business.  The nonprofit is managed by a Board of Directors and staff representing those who pay the assessment, to help ensure the services meet the needs of property owners and are responsive to changing conditions within the PBID.

PBIDs all over the globe have been proven to work by providing services that improve the overall viability of commercial districts, resulting in higher property values, lease rates, occupancy rates, and sales volumes. Please check out the website for local business and potential visitors who want to learn more about the dynamic and constantly evolving area of Watt Avenue where it intersects with Highway 80.  Read more:  2016-2019 Annual Report and business support information at www.80WattDistrict.com/news