80 Watt STRONG….looks like this

April 6, 2018

It is a privilege to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the 80 Watt District, which is a PBID (Property Business Improvement District,) in North Highlands.  Having spearheaded a ‘BID,’ for the last five years, I’m looking forward to this new role, to give more support to your efforts in local economic support, safety and business/visitor opportunities with marketing.

It’s exciting to see the Board of Directors and staff work diligently, to bring new ideas and opportunities in support of the economic impact of this improvement district.  They have been working hard on safety initiatives, technology connections, capital improvements, advocacy and more.

As your new Executive Director, I hope to continue to strengthen the 80 Watt District in three ways:

1)   Relationships.  The 80 Watt District will continue to be part of the innovative relationship building services that are taking place in this community.  It’s what connects the dots between our businesses, residents and shows where we’ve been and where we need to go.  With our promotion of ‘Watt’s Happening,’ our goal is to showcase, at a higher level, the unique hidden gems of this area in North Highlands.  Please let us know—what is happening! (Send to: [email protected])

2)   Technology.  Our new website www.80WattDistrict.com and mobile communications became LIVE this month (March 2018) and set to expand the sphere of influence within the PBID!  We also have our new brand, including the new logo!  Please link to our website (ask for our new logo today)! Technology also means ‘hooking into our Social Media outreach,’ to support all the efforts to showcase our scope of work.

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  3. Our Instagram has pictures and more- Follow us and add more! 

3)   Our Brand Promise is ‘to create a safe and clean community, attract and retain businesses and build a stronger sense of place, while enhancing the quality of life for all that live, work and visit the district.’

Our added services include: Security, Capital Improvements, Maintenance, Advocacy, and Administration/Collection.   Our additional security, within the PBID has reduced crime 25%, since January 2016.  Our daily patrols (Paladin Security) and dedicated hours with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and CHP teams, (POP/HOT) as well as Wells Property Services, and other services we rely on, is an added bonus to boost your economic impact!

At the end of the day, we can’t come close to achieving these ambitious goals without you.  Help us show ‘Watt’s Happening!’ by sending in your articles, pictures, links to events and please connect with us!

Please consider my email [email protected] as an open line of communication to let me know how we can connect with you and help us all to achieve success.  I would love to personally meet with you—so please reach out soon.  I look forward to working for you. 

Kindest regards,

Rebekah Evans

Rebekah Evans, Executive Director

80 Watt District/ PBID

P.O. Box 1340

North Highlands, CA 95660



Rebekah Evans