Lighting the Way Grant Match-80 Watt District

April 16, 2018

ANNOUNCING: Grant Match for businesses within the 80 Watt District, (PBID) for night lighting needs.

PURPOSE:  The 80 Watt District’s ‘Light the Way Initiative,’ is to identify and assess safety and security needs within the area of ‘lighting’ in public ways and business locations.

When not lighted, some areas within the District have high crime statistics, chronic homelessness prostitution and drug issues.  Most of these areas—need more industrial ‘illumination,’  and qualify for this one time opportunity.

  1. This project will help determine areas that need additional light in the evening and early morning hours to help reduce or irradiate criminal activity and encourage a safe environment.
  2. We believe that adding ‘light’ to the darkness, within our business community-will increase our economic impact, due to the residents and patrons feeling that it is a wonderful place to live, work and play….all within the 80 Watt District.

HOW IT WORKS:  Partnering with SMUD, this grant was created to enhance and create neighborhood, energy efficient improved lighting.  These grant funds are now available to our properties in another ‘match,’ to bring in lighting for your location.  You can ‘match-dollar to dollar,’ for lighting improvement. 
Your company: gives $1000 for new lighting in your business location
80 Watt District/SMUD: MATCHES $1000 for new lighting!!!
Provides: $1000+$10000=$2000

How to apply to our program:

  • Please use the application to highlight the need to enhance lighting for safety & security, due by June 4, 2018 Anchor
  • Applicants must have a business location (and lighting need) within the 80 Watt District boundaries.Grant Application Form_April2018
  • Please send picture and map of area, addressing priority needs in lighting.  (does not have to be professional)
  • Share budget details listing the type of lighting, cost of installation, annual electricity cost and your matching fund ability.
  • Email grant application by June 4, 5:00 pm  to [email protected]
  • Lighting should be installed by the end of September 2018 with documentation, pictures for celebration!