TIPS to keep your property secure


According to the Sacramento Sheriff, if you close and/or vacate your business for an extended period of time, follow these important steps for crime prevention.

  • Email us with contact information (email and phone). We encourage you to also complete and email us this FINALNotice of Agency 2020 (2)form to be utilized in case of emergencies.
  • Do not post an exterior sign to notify long term closures to avoid attracting negative activity at your business.
  • If you post an exterior sign to notify customers you are closed, please work with the Sacramento Protective Services to create a sign that shows your business is under surveillance, call 916-575-9900, ext. 2 for signage support.
  • Tape an interior-facing phone contact list at all entry and exits into your business to provide quick contacts for first responders. This should not be visible from the exterior.
  • Do not pull your shades, board up windows or obscure the view into your business and keep the lights on to maintain clear sightlines for patrols.
  • Empty cash drawers and clearly display facing windows to alert thieves there is no cash, hide any valuable items from sight if you are closing for an extended time.
  • Notify your alarm company and/or Sacramento Protective Services of your extended absence and ensure they have accurate contact information for your business. If you receive an alarm call, do not cancel it.
  • Check your business regularly – at least 1-2 times per week – to ensure that it is secure.

These are uncertain times, but even in the face of adversity, the 80 Watt District- is in this together. Please continue to safely support our businesses, encourage each other to follow guidelines in place, share resources, and look forward to recovery.  We are continually working on your behalf in this time of crisis. 916-495-5599 or [email protected]