About the District

About Our District

The district is comprised of local property/business owners, government agencies, community groups and neighbors working together to address specific challenges affecting the well-being of the community. The 80 Watt District includes parcels primarily in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County; with some located in the City of Sacramento. The district is made up of 186 properties with approximately 114 property owners. The PBID has a $446,000 yearly budget that acts as supplemental monies beyond the allocated government funds.  CLICK HERE

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The 80 Watt District PBID is embarking on a renewal process starting now through 2020. As frontline stewards of this triangle district, we are proud of the value that we bring to our members, providing essential quality of life & business services.

We look for your support and hope that you renew and expand your commitment to the PBID today, and we will plan collaboratively for a successful District tomorrow. Learn more about the RENEWAL process: (Click here) Renew the 80 Watt District_2019-2020, a timeline of events, and our vision for the future.

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2019 Update and Renewal Map

About Our Location

The 80 Watt District is centrally located within the Sacramento Metropolitan area. By vehicle, it is approximately 15 to 30 minutes to Downtown Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport, Roseville, and Rocklin. Public transportation is available via the Longview Rapid Transit Station. Proximity to McClellan Park also provides useful facilities and services for the local businesses within the PBID.

Attractions and conveniences in and near the District include:

  • The Gun Range
  • Sacramento Horsemen’s Association
  • Sacramento Softball Complex
  • Haggin Oaks Golf Complex
  • McClellan Jet Services
  • Aerospace Museum of California
  • Map of the 80 Watt District -PBID, North Highlands, CA